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Capital Markets

  • Dividend Aristocrats List

    Dividend Aristocrats are companies that have increased their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.  Here is the current list of 67 companies.  Impressive track records of some blue chip companies.

  • Chart – Bull and Bear Markets 1940 to 2020

    This is a great chart to show the 12 Bear Markets since 1940.  It is refreshing/comforting to see the length of Bull markets trounce the length of Bear Markets.  

  • Company Sells Stock for Less Than $1

    Here is an interesting press release regarding a company selling stock at less than a buck.

  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)

    Here is a short Executive Summary of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), a regulation in place in Europe. There is some indirect impact which could affect IR at companies.

Corporate Governance

  • ISS Report – Using EVA in Pay-for-Performance

    Here is a nice report on the unending challenge to drive pay-for-performance from ISS.

  • Privacy Policy Statement

    We liked how Strava updated its privacy policy statement.  This one certainly spoke to the masses.

  • The Ultimate Corp Governance Checklist

    We have noticed most companies do a great job of listing the attributes of corporate governance they adhere to, but none talk about the things they do not follow.  Here is the ultimate corporate governance checklist that includes a comprehensive list of features.

  • CEO Consortium Letter – Common Sense Governance Principles

    In April 2017, JP Morgan included a one-page listing/letter in its annual report. It was a letter signed by 13 top executives of companies, banks and investment firms.

  • Director Compensation Update

    Here is a recent update from Cap Partners on Director Compensation information. Although circa 2014-2015, is still gives good summary information relevant in 2016.

  • Beneficial Ownership Table Examples

    One of the areas of the proxy statement which can be improved for most companies is the beneficial ownership table. Most companies take the disclosure requirements literally and simply lump all directors, officers and 5% holders into a list. Most of the time they are listed alphabetically. Consider using subtotals to help tell your story. Here are 3 examples.

  • Beneficial Shareholder vs. Holder of Record

    Here is a quick summary of the difference between a Beneficial Shareholder and a Holder of Record.

  • Voting Results Classificiation

    Here are the short definitions of the most common voting results types, including Plurality, Majority, Supermajority and Unanimous.

  • Political Contributions Web Disclosure Example

    Companies who disclose information about their political contributions generally do so in a concise report or directly via their website. Here is an example of a company who had a section of their website devoted to political contributions.


Finance 101

  • Mind Your KPI’s

    Here is a nice white paper on thoughts on KPI’s

  • Inside Outside Bias

    You are only as good as your team and its experiences and knowledge. This can result in Inside Outside Bias. Here is some more information about this concept.

  • Valuations

    Here is the breakdown of key valuation definitions: Enterprise Value, Market Capitalization, Book Value and Tangible Book Value.

  • Types of Integration

    Here is a short overview of horizontal integration vs. vertical integration.

  • CAGR Calculator

    Use this CAGR Calculator to quickly determine your CAGR over any stat over any period of time.

General Accounting

  • Comps – Analysis of Companies

    As with most things in finance, there is not a consistent definition/formula for comps.  Here is a list of retail companies and how they define comps.  The range is not too broad.  

  • Time Gap Between Earnings Release and filing of Q/K

    We are getting asked more often about timing of the earnings release and the corresponding Q or K filing with the SEC. In theory, the best practice is these are done on the same day or 1 day apart. However, there is a clear movement to ensure the quality of the financial reporting and to have time between earnings release and filing date. Here are a group of consumer companies and the related average times.

  • XBRL Overview

    Here is a short overview of XBRL reporting.

Great Resources

Index Listings

  • Russell Microcap Growth Index (May 8, 2021)

    Here are the companies which comprise the Russell Microcap Index (as of May 8, 2021). 

  • Russell 2000 Index (May 8, 2021)

    Here are the companies which comprise the Russell 2000 Index (as of June 25, 2015). The next reconstitution will take place in June 2016.

    As a reminder the Russell 2000 is comprised of the next 2,000 largest companies in the Russell 3000. This is thought of as the mid-cap/small cap group. It represents approximately 10% of the total market capitalization of the Russell 3000.

  • Russell 1000 Index (May 8, 2021)

    Here are the companies which comprise the Russell 1000 Index (as of May 8, 2021).

  • NYSE Fun Facts

    Here are some cool and fun facts about the greatest market in the world – NYSE. Enjoy.

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index – Listing of Companies

    Here is the list of 145 companies which comprise the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – North America. Includes 19 Canadian companies and 126 American companies.

  • S & P Small Cap 600 Index

    Here is the listing of companies in the S & P Small Cap 600 Index as of January 15, 2016.

  • Russell Microcap Index

    Here are the companies which comprise the Russell Microcap Index (as of June 25, 2015). The next reconstitution will take place in June 2016.

  • Russell 2000 Index

    Here are the companies which comprise the Russell 2000 Index (as of June 25, 2015). The next reconstitution will take place in June 2016.

  • Russell 1000 Index

    Here are the companies which comprise the Russell 1000 Index (as of June 25, 2015). The next reconstitution will take place in June 2016.

  • S & P Midcap 400 Index

    Here is the listing of companies in the S & P Midcap 400 Index as of January 9, 2016.

  • S & P 500 – List of Companies

    Here is the listing of companies in the S & P 500 Index as of September 4, 2015.

  • Dow Jones – List of Companies

    Here are the companies in the Dow Jones as of September 2015. Included are several stats, such as market cap, revenue, and short interest ratio.

Motivation and Inspiration

  • 12 Attributes of Leaders – Business vs. Sports

    Here is a list of 12 attributes that are common for leaders of sports teams.  There are some significant similarities to leaders in business. Take a look. Which ones describe you?

  • 99 More Bits of Unsolicited Advice – Kevin Kelly

    The past few years, Kevin Kelly has released some great bits of advice.  Here is round 2.

  • 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice – Kevin Kelly

    We receive the Loup Ventures weekly e-newsletter.  Always a great read.  A fairly regular category is “What We Are Reading”.  This post below was referenced in the December 5, 2020 issue.  What caught our attention was the description that Kevin Kelly is “one of the world’s most interesting people”.  We are suckers for lists like this.  Enjoy.

  • 100 Wise Words for Everyone

    If you have 5 minutes, this is a great list of items to help bring focus in a crazy, fast-paced environment.  Enjoy.

  • Arnold’s Secrets to Success

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has had tremendous success throughout his life and career.  Here are his secrets.

  • 5 Be’s of Leadership

    Here are the 5 Be’s of Leadership, as defined by Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy.

  • The 4 Learns to Becoming a Championship Team

    There are many similarities between athletics and business. Here, a NFL coach summarizes the 4 things a team must learn in order to transform into a championship team. This can be used for your company/department/division to develop a winning culture.


    Wall Street loves the concept of UPOD. Under Promise Over Deliver. Put this poster on your credenza or wall to remind you daily about one of your top initiatives.

  • Simple Truths – 212º The Extra Degree

    A great book to share with your team. At 211º, water is hot. At 212º, it boils. And with boiling water comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. The one extra degree makes the difference.

Office of CFO

  • Debt Rollforward Schedule

    For companies that use debt, this type of rollfoward can be helpful when discussing debt with investors. Feel free to adjust it to match your debt structure. Knowing what drove significant increases and decreases is key.

  • Equity Capitalization Table – Template

    One thing to consider, particularly if you are a newer and smaller cap company, is to have a detailed schedule that shows the current equity capitalization of the company. This comes in handy when discussing dilution to existing shareholders. Plus, it is easy to track for most companies.

  • Financial Due Diligence Checklist

    Any material transaction you do will require some level of due diligence. Rather than wait until an investment banker provides a list, have these items always available. Not only is it good corporate practice to have all of these items well organized, but your credibility will skyrocket with all stakeholders when all of your diligence items are quickly available. This gets your deal done quicker!

  • Rollforward of Incentive Equity (Options, Restricted Stock, etc.)

    As part of your detailed Equity Capitalization schedule, having a detailed rollforward of your equity incentive (options, restricted stock, etc.) will be helpful. Use this example to reflect your activity, which can then be used in your Equity Capitalization schedule.

  • Capital Raising Options

    Companies have a tremendous number of options to get capital for expansion and operations. Your investor community certainly has opinions on whether you issue equity or use operating cash flow. This tool will help you identify all considerations when communicating your capital raising efforts.

  • CFO Responsibilities Matrix

    In most organizations, IR is a CFO responsibility. It is one of many different hats the CFO wears. Here is a matrix which shows the responsibilities for most public CFO’s.

Rankings & Lists

Simply Cool Stuff

  • Original 10 Principles of Nike

    We love Nike. It is incredible how many of the original 10 princples for Nike are still relevant.  Amazing.

  • Valentine’s Day – Unique Service

    Check out the email issued by the Minneapolis office of Cresa.  What a cool way to connect with clients and prospects.

  • The 220 Lunch

    Here is a fun way to make someone’s day at lunch. Do good today. They will remember this for the rest of their life and so will you.

  • Capital Markets vs. NFL

    Although from June 2009, this article still has relevance today in providing a great comparison of the stock market to the Vegas line for the NFL. It is an interesting read written by Roger Martin that will give you pause.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

  • BlackRock Stewardship Priorities – January 2024

    Always a good refresher to see what BlackRock is focused on in terms of stewardship. Here is the January 2024 report.

  • 2024 Glass Lewis ESG Proposal Insight

    This is a nice report published by Glass Lewis on various ESG items and potential shareholder proposal information.

  • Sustainalytics – Corporate ESG Subscription

    Here is a good overview of the Sustainalytics Corporate ESG subscription platform.

  • BlackRock Stewardship Priorities – 2021

    This is a great resource to help you with ESG-related priorities.  ESG, governance and stewardship are very important to BlackRock (aka the largest investment insitution in the world).  Take notice.

  • ISS – Improve your QualityScore

    Here is a ISS report on how to review and improve your ISS QualityScore.

  • ESG – Sustainability Report – Great Example

    Here is a great example of a comprehensive ESG and Sustainability Report.  It provides a nice mix of substance and comprehensiveness.

  • HBR – Women in the C-Suite

    Not that it should be needed, but all signs and evidence supports that having balance between race and gender with the C-Suite and BOD results in better performance for a company.  Here is a nice write-up from HBR on women in the C-Suite.

  • Johns Hopkins Diversity Wheel

    This is a great tool to assess how comprehensive your company is in developing a diverse and inclusive culture.  It hits on 16 key elements of diversity.  

  • Gender and Diversity Aspirational Targets – Press Release Example

    It is one thing to say something, its another to put it in writing.  Here is a nice example of communicating gender and diversity aspirational targets to the Street.

  • Linking Comp to Diversity – Example

    In October 2020, SBUX released information that it planned to put forth significant efforts in improving its employee diversity.  Included in the attached pdf are the company post on its website and an open letter from the SBUX CEO about this initiative.  Good stuff.

  • 10 Actions for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

    Here is a good list of 10 actions to improve diversity, inclusion and equity at a company.  It came in the form of a press release.  Nice work on a current hot topic.

  • Good Example of ESG Report

    Here is a nice example of a comprehensive ESG report.  Good work here.

  • ISS ESG and EVA Information

    Here is a nice report issued by ISS on ESG and EVA.  The topic of ESG is here and will only grow.  Slowly but surely.

  • Global Alpha – Example ESG Survey

    Here is a good example of a buyside survey on ESG.  This can help you develop your disclosure practice.

  • Environmental Stmt & Verification Stmt Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    We liked what we saw in this annual report.  Near the back, the company disclosed its Environmental Statement as well as its Verification Statement Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  Both are rare and a nice sign of sustainability reporting.

  • ESG Information – IR Website

    This is a great example of commitment to social responsibility. From the IR home page, “ESG Information” is one of 8 categories of information to choose from. An easy way to see how the company is investing in social responsibility and sustainability.

  • SRI Survey – Example

    Here is an example SRI Survey updated to 2016. If you are looking for ways to report your SRI initiatives, this provides a number of items you can select.

  • DJSI Summary Responsibility Framework

    The DJSI Questionnaire is lengthy and detailed. Use this document to get a summary outline of the key Sustainable and Responsible initiatives for your company that are used in the DJSI Questionnaire.

  • Progress Towards Goals (Sustainability) – Example

    Here is a nice summary report on a company’s progress on key social responsibility and sustainability metrics.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report – Example

    A very nice example of a Corporate Social Responsibility Report. An appropriate amount of information (not too long, not too short) with good use of graphics and photos.

  • Environment Goals and Targets – Example

    Here is an example of putting your money where your mouth is. Stating your goals and targets on the environmental front adds significant credence to your social responsibility initiatives. Here is a good report which lays it out for the public.

  • Corporate Responsibility Report – Example

    Here is another great example of a Corporate Responsibility Report.

  • Global Citizenship Report

    Here is an example of a Global Citizenship report. It is impressive, particularly the cool matrix of topics on page 8. Interestingly, a all-encompassing citizenship report is not much different than an all-encompassing sustainability report.

  • Sustainability Report

    Here is an example of a perennial leader in Social/Sustainable/Citizenship reporting. It covers everything.

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index – Listing of Companies

    Here is the list of 145 companies which comprise the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – North America. Includes 19 Canadian companies and 126 American companies.

  • DJSI RobecoSAM Sample Questionnaire

    To make it to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, you first need to be invited to complete a questionnaire about your social responsibility and sustainability practices. Here is a sample questionnaire that you can use to benchmark and enhance your social responsibility initiatives. It is lengthy, but includes many good topics.