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The Barn has been developed over the past 10 years to be the ultimate resource tool for you to make your job easier. It is the most comprehensive, independent and unbiased database in the entire IR universe. It contains best practices, white paper overviews, templates and answers to virtually any aspect of interacting with Wall Street.

Most importantly, if there is something that you cannot find, with your Interactive Subscription you have two huge benefits. First, you have access to talk live with a professional IR expert and second, If it is not on this site, we will provide it for free within 10 business days.

One-stop shop for IR tools with the power to talk live to IR experts to get answers fast.

You can devote more time to interacting with investors—which drives stock performance.

It will save you money, particularly if you are using an IR consulting firm to support your IR initiatives. Many times you are paying a significant premium for this blocking and tackling.

We have spent the past 10+ years gathering best practices on nearly any aspect of IR. We regularly scour the IR universe for hot topics, best practices and other information.

We annually review and evaluate hundreds of IR websites, annual reports, investor presentations, 10-K’s, and other IR tools.

We often meet with both the Buy-side and Sell-side to fully understand what makes their job easiest.

We have been in your shoes. That gives us a competitive advantage from other IR consultants who have strictly buy side or sell side experience or even come only from investment banking.

Templates (excel, powerpoint, etc.) are generic so you can incorporate quickly into your company’s format.