Category IR Tools


  • 90 Day IR Plan

    For those new to IR or if you are switching companies, here is a great starting point for a 90 day plan to fully set your IR strategy. This captures all of the key items you need.

  • Hot Topics Matrix

    Use this matrix to show your Board of Directors, Executive Team and other stakeholders how common investor topics and questions stack up.

  • Waves of Offense

    See the 5 waves of information an investor or analyst goes through when getting up to speed on your company. How well are you prepared for each wave?


  • Fortune 500 Listings

    Here are the Fortune 500 Listings from 1955 (Debut) – 1960 – 1970 – 1980 – 1990 – 2000 – 2010 – 2015 (Most Current). Use this for benchmarking and developing peer lists.

Cool Reports & Schedules

  • Monthly/Quarterly IR Update

    This is a nice monthly/quarterly IR Update that is a mix of Presentation, Overview deck, Earnings Release, and Quarterly Update.

  • Use of Video

    We are seeing more and more examples of companies using videos to tell parts of the story. Here are some of our thoughts on use of Video and some great examples.

  • Supplement – Fincl and Operational Data

    Here is a nice supplement report for your financial and operational results. It is a great resource for your investor base to be able to get up to speed or more historical information.

  • Investor Briefing – Example

    Here is a great book you can include as part of your quarterly earnings process. It certainly expedites how to get someone up to speed with the story.

  • Business Continuity for Disaster Recovery

    Here is a nice write-up on a company’s business continuity plans and disaster recovery initiatives.

  • Global Footprint – Stores

    For those retailers who have stores internationally, here is a nice data dump to show your footprint and future opportunity. Includes info on where the company can currently ship to. A great example.

  • Financial Model Example

    This is a good example of a short and sweet deck that lays out the financial model for the Street. It includes a page on long-term targets, which we love. When a management team is willing to put their long-term targets in print, that is a great sign of confidence.

  • Investor Reference Book Example

    This is another comprehensive example of a report you can provide to the Street which provides significant background about your company. At 82 pages, it is a wealth of information. It sets the tone about transparency and information sharing.

  • Growth Strategy Game Plan

    Here is a nice 2 page pdf which can lay out your growth strategy. Very transparent and very easy to understand where your company is headed.

  • Databook

    This is an unbelievable example of a Databook that can be prepared to give an excellent overview of your company. It is packed with a crazy amount of information. You will get rave reviews from your investor base on this one.

  • Investor Overview Whitepaper

    Here is an example of a unique way to provide detailed information about your company. A short whitepaper can give an investor a good sense of background at the beginning of their diligence.

  • Example – Strategy Document

    One of the best things you can do to help build trust and alignment with your investor base is to do a great job of explaining your overall strategy. Here is a great 5-page example that outlines a company’s strategy.

  • Example – Return of Capital Schedule

    Here is a great example of a one-page schedule that shows a company’s return of capital to its shareholders (stock repurchase, dividends, etc.)

Earnings Calls

  • Who Can Ask Questions on a Earnings Call

    A common question, particularly for small cap stocks, is who can ask a question on an earnings call.  Here is a white paper that provides insight in how to handle this.

  • Prepared Remarks in Advance of Earnings Call

    This is a great example of cutting edge IR.  Take a look at what Grub started in October 2019.  They issued this shareholder letter in advance of its earnings call then went straight Q & A.  Love this.

  • Great Chairman Quote – Delivering Bad News

    Here is a great quote from a Chairman/Founder upon a bad quarter.  He scored big points and helped bring conviction to the story.  Nicely done.

  • Robotics and AI for Earnings Calls

    Here is an interesting article that outlines how robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting analysis of earnings calls.

  • Issuing Prepared Comments before the Call

    Although it is rare, you can create significant goodwill with the Street by providing your prepared comments before the call. This allows for even more prep by the Sell-Side and Buy-Side and ideally a better Q & A session.

  • Earnings Calls – No Prepared Comments

    Although it is rare, here is an example of a company which essentially went straight to Q & A on its Earnings Calls. You would be surprised at how receptive the Street is to limited prepared comments if the Earnings Release is detailed enough and management answers the questions with great detail and color.

  • Executing the Perfect Earnings Call

    Executing Earnings Calls is crucial to your IR strategy. Here are some tips for executing the perfect earnings conference call.

Fact Sheet

  • Value Line – White Paper Summary with Examples

    Value Line is one of the original founding fathers of independent research. Famous for their one page fact sheets, they put an enormous amount of data at your fingertips. Here is a summary white paper and 2 recent report examples (Nike and Home Depot).

  • IR Summary and Fact Sheet – Example

    Here is a nice example of a Fact Sheet that includes several key IR aspects (i.e. sell-side listing, IR contact information, Market Data, Investment Features and Recent Developments. This is a perfect example of making the buy-side or sell-side job easier, particularly when just getting up to speed.

  • Fact Sheet – Company At A Glance One Pager – Example

    Love this one page snapshot of what a Fortune 100 company does. Pretty impressive they can get it down to one page.

  • Fact Sheet – Good overall summary (but stale)

    This is a nice overall summary of a company, but we would like to see if more up to date. We grabbed this on 5/12/16 and noted the FY2013 financial info on the Fact Sheet. Would like to see 2014 or 2015. But, this does not take away from a great way to understand what the company does.

  • Fact Sheet – Company Products – Example

    Here is an example Fact Sheet which is devoted to a company’s product suite. It provides great detail and is an excellent summary of key products.

  • World Fact Sheet – Example

    Here is an enhanced Fact Sheet that refers to recent annual financials, sustainability and other key background items about the company. Comprehensive, yet efficient.

  • Fact Book – Example

    This is taking the Fact Sheet to a whole new level. How about a 72 page Fact Book. This includes virtually anything needed to get up to speed with the company. Wow! A ton of information.

  • Quarterly IR Summary Fact Sheet Example

    This is one of our favorite Fact Sheets. Great mix of charts, graphics and details. Updated quarterly. Nice bios with photos. This is a very useful tool when getting up to speed with your company.

  • Fact Sheet – Company with a Regional Focus

    This company fact sheet gives a good overview of a company with a regional focus. Good balance of details with summary information.

  • Fact Sheet – Minimum Information

    Here is a Fact Sheet that is useful and complete, but is on the minimum side of the information range.

IR Presentation

  • Investor Presentation – Great Use of FAQ’s

    This is a great use of a FAQ section.  See slides 17-38.  Much better than “where are you headquartered”, “who is your transfer agent”, etc.  Excellent work here. 

  • Investor Presentation – M & A Slide

    This is one of the best IR presentation slides we have ever seen.  You very quickly can see when and size relative to other deals.  This is awesome.

  • Using Operations Presentations with Investors

    Can you/should you allow an operations executive to use his or her presentation when meeting investors? Or, should you force them to use the standard IR presentation. Here are our thoughts.

  • Strategy Slides

    Here is a nice deck that lays out an overview of a company’s strategy.

  • Year In Review – Report Example

    This is a cool and comprehensive review of the year. It helps investors have a snapshot of what was accomplished. A nice touch.

  • Investor Presentation – Great Example

    This is one of the better investor presentations we have come across. Although slightly longer than we would typically recommend, it has many good slides and great transparency.

  • Long-Term Vision One-Pager – Example

    Here is a good example of a one-pager which shows where a company is headed over the next 4-5 years.

  • Quarterly Earnings Presentation – Example

    Here is a nice example of a quarterly earnings presentation to complement your earnings call. Just give them the facts.

  • Slides for Quarterly Call – Example

    Here is a good example of slides to accompany your quarterly call. No flash and its not pretty. Just the facts. Clean and informative without any sizzle (other than the company’s results!).

  • Investor Presentation – Great Example

    We love this as a comprehensive IR Update Presentation. Lots of good information which makes it easy for the Street to know the current state of the state. Nice work here.

  • Investor Information Deck

    In terms of comprehensiveness, this one takes the win. Very thorough and very detailed. This is a fantastic tool for someone new getting up to speed with the story, but also as a resource that aligns those who have been on the scene for awhile. Great job here.

  • Acquisition Presentation Example

    This is a great example of providing details and color about an acquisition to your investors. This comprehensive presentation when accompanied by a Q & A session is valuable to 100% buy-in from the Street.

  • Other Support Presentation Ideas

    Use support presentations to complement your main Investor Presentation. See this list of ideas: M & A Summaries, Deep-Dive on Products, History of the Company, etc.

  • Investor Presentation Overview

    With this overview, avoid the common mistakes companies make with their Investor Presentation (i.e. too long, too much information on products rather than support for the investment thesis, etc.).

IR Vendors

  • BUYINS.NET and Wealthmakers

    If you are a microcap, small cap or mid cap, you may have received an inquiry from BUYINS.NET. Here is the scoop of who they are and what they can do for your short position.

  • Compensation Consultants

    Included here is a contact listing of the most prominent executive compensation consultant firms that serve the Board of Directors and Management Teams of public companies on the Street. Included are The Big Two (2), Big Bulge HR Consulting Firms (4), Other Independent Firms (11), and firms that help management teams only (2).

  • Proxy Advisors and Solicitors

    Included here is a contact listing of the most prevalent proxy advisors firms and solicitors on the Street. Includes Independent Firms (2), The Big Four (4) and the other firms (8).

  • IR Consulting Firms

    Do you need an extra set of eyes on your IR Program tools? Do you need support from experienced professionals? Here is the contact information for 42 IR Firms and 18 PR Firms with a heavy IR division.

IR Website

  • IR Website – Periodically Review Press Release Section

    Don’t assume your press release portal is always 100% accurate.  We often see press releases listed multiple times, links that do not work, drafts inadvertently posted, and other weird stuff.  Here is an example of a press release which was posted in non-English.  Periodic reviews can help prevent errors like this.

  • Market Makers – IR Website

    We came across a company who lists their market makers on their IR website.  We liked it.  Here is a print screen.

  • Financial Performance Matrix – IR Website

    Here is a nice matrix which shows a variety of financial ratios and returns.  Easy to see trends and power.  Nice work here.

  • Highlight Important News on IR Website

    Here is a great example to make it very easy for stakeholders to know important news.  This is a print screen from 7/1, from news on 6/28.  You can’t miss this.  Great transparency.

  • Document List – Acquisition – IR Website

    Here is a great example of grouping all of the applicable documents for a specific acquisition all in one place. This makes it extremely easy for the Street to get up to speed.

  • ESG Information – IR Website

    This is a great example of commitment to social responsibility. From the IR home page, “ESG Information” is one of 8 categories of information to choose from. An easy way to see how the company is investing in social responsibility and sustainability.

  • Upcoming Events listing – IR Website – Example

    One of the easiest ways to prove consistency and strong financial controls is to include the next 4 quarter earnings release dates as Upcoming Events. If you are a solid company, you have a regular cadence. Take credit for it. Here is an example of all that needs to be done to keep the Street aware of what is coming up.

  • Ex – Online Investor Kit – IR Website

    Here is a nice online investor kit that brings together many common documents for the ease of your investors and analysts. We also include some recommended adds to make it even more comprehensive.

  • Company 101 – IR Website

    Here is a great example of providing an overview of your company to the Street. Using a quick link on the IR home page, this company steers users to its Company 101. This includes an overview then links to CEO and CFO videos on a variety of topics moderated by the IRO.

  • Business Combination – IR Website – Disclaimer

    When you are entering a material business combination, it may be helpful to post various deal materials on your IR website to add to the transparency to your investors. Here is a very detailed and thorough disclaimer people need to check before entering this Company’s IR website section devoted to a material transaction.

  • Change to External Website – Expansive – Example

    Here is a very detailed (and lengthy) acknowledgement for visitors to your website when they are redirected to a non-hosted website for various IR information.

  • Forward Looking Acknowledgement – Ex

    Here is another example of an acknowledgement you must click YES to view Webcast and Presentations. This is a great control feature to ensure folks understand that any forward looking statements were made at the time of the statement and there is no obligation to update.

  • Current Guidance – Example

    This is an example of a pdf document which could be found within a specific menu item you can have called “Current Year Guidance” on your IR website.

  • Acknowledgement to Enter IR Website

    Although uncommon, here is an example acknowledgement before entering the IR website for a company. This is prompted when hitting any menu item from within “Investors” on the main menu.

  • Example – Acknowledgement to Gain Access to Webcasts and Presentations

    Here is an example of a nice acknowledgement you can ask each person who wants access to the webcasts and presentations which include forward looking statements. Although not required, it does a nice job of reinforcing safe harbor for the company.

  • Change in External Link/Web Platform Acknowledgement

    We have reviewed hundreds of IR websites. Only once have we seen a company require an acknowledgement that there was a change in website platform. Check out the example here. It is certainly an interesting idea that gives you extra protection.

  • IR Website Features Matrix

    This matrix provides a comprehensive tool to enhance your IR website.

IRB 150/IRB 25

  • IRB 150 – Board Committees

    Here is an analysis of board committees for the IRB 150.  This can be helpful as you partner with your General Counsel and determine the optimal number of board committees. In addition, it also reflect the naming convenition for companies.  For instance, do companies say “Governance” or “Nominating and Governance” more prevalently”?

  • IRB 150 – Earnings (Press Release and Earnings Call)

    We are often asked about how much time there should be between the press release and the earnings call. Here are some stats on what the average time is, how often earnings calls are done the next day, and how often no earnings calls are done.

  • IRB 150 – Request Paper Copies

    We thought making a request for paper materials from the IRB 150 would be a simple, straightforward project. As it turns out, companies on a whole are slow to react to this request. Granted, it is a request that is made less and less, but we know that all types of investors ask for paper materials on occasion. Here is some enlightening information for you to consider.

  • IRB 150 – Transfer Agent

    Here are 150 companies and who they use for transfer agent. You can see who they use and how they disclose. There are some interesting trends.

  • IRB 150 – Primary Stock Exchange

    There is a definite trend in primary stock exchange when compared to market cap. Here are the primary exchanges for the IRB 150.

  • IRB 150 – Investor Contact

    One of the easiest ways to send a strong first impression to your Wall Street Community is to make it easy to start conversations. Although every company in the IRB 150 has a means to contact IR, it is surprising how varied the means are. This benchmark analysis provides the stats of how companies provide investor contact information.

  • IRB 150 – IR Team Roster

    It is amazing how many different titles, roles and players exist on an IR team. However, if you stack up the public rosters for 150 companies, you do see some consistencies. Take a look here to see how you stack up against other companies.

  • IRB 150 – Wire Service for Press Releases

    There are some definite trends as it relates to the Wire Service used to issue press releases. Here, we look at the latest earnings release for the IRB 150 companies. Check out who uses which wire service. In addition, you can see which companies do not include disclosure of the wire service on their internal release posted on their IR website.

  • IRB 150 – Social Media Platform

    Here is a detailed analysis of what 150 companies do within their IR website to highlight their social media platform. You can compare what your company does for social media to these.

  • IRB 150 – ISS Quick Score

    ISS does independent detailed reviews of companies as it relates to corporate governance. Using the IRB 150, here are the ISS QuickScores. How does your company stack up?

  • IRB 25 – Mega Cap

    This is the IRB 25 – Mega Cap stocks used in a variety of analyses. Use group as a broad collection of Mega Cap names to compare your company against.

  • IRB 25 – Large Cap

    This is the IRB 25 – Large Cap stocks used in a variety of analyses. Use group as a broad collection of Large Cap names to compare your company against.

  • IRB 25 – Mid Cap

    This is the IRB 25 – Mid Cap stocks used in a variety of analyses. Use group as a broad collection of Mid Cap names to compare your company against.

  • IRB 25 – SMID Cap

    This is the IRB 25 – SMID Cap stocks used in a variety of analyses. Use group as a broad collection of SMID cap names to compare your company against.

  • IRB 25 – Small Cap

    This is the IRB 25 – Small Cap stocks used in a variety of analyses. Use group as a broad collection of small cap names to compare your company against.

  • IRB 25 – Micro Cap

    This is the IRB 25 – Micro Cap stocks used in a variety of analyses. Use group as a broad collection of micro-cap names to compare your company against.

Overall Earnings Release

  • Press Release – Earnings and Founder’s Letter

    We are a sucker for transparent communications in plain English.  Here is a great example of an earnings release which uses a Founder letter instead of a CEO quote.  Great stuff here.

  • Change in Earnings Release Date – Ex Press Release

    Here is an example press release announcing a change in the date of the earnings date.

  • Earnings Pre-Release – Great Example

    If you were ever going to issue a pre-release of earnings, here is a great example. Although the stock got hammered, the transparency and strategic plan is clearly evident in this example. As performance gains traction, the rebound can be swift. Nicely done.

  • No Longer Holding Conference Calls – Earnings Release

    In the event you choose to discontinue holding conference calls in conjunction with your earnings release, here is a short and sweet way to remind the Street of this choice.

  • Earnings Release – Best Management Quotes

    We have been doing this for a long time and this press release definitely captured our attention. By far, the best management quotes we have seen in a press release. This is certainly an example of doing it your way. Nice work.

  • Guidance Policy (included in press release)

    Here is an example of a Guidance Policy included in your press release. This can help remind the Street about what you do or do not do in regards to Guidance.

  • Change in Accounting Principle – Release

    Here is not only a great example of a detailed and comprehensive earnings release, but one that touches upon a Change in Accounting Principle and Recasting of prior year earnings. It is a great example of hitting it head on and giving a complete perspective.

  • Comprehensive Press Release – Ex

    This example of press release may be the most comprehensive we have seen and the best use of graphics. A nice touch to delivering financial information with some flare.

  • Overall Earnings Release Checklist

    The entire Earnings Release process is a blur. Use this checklist to make sure you are covered with all aspects of your earnings release.

  • WSM – Great Example of Earnings Release

    Williams-Sonoma does a great job with its Earnings Release. Well organized. Concise. To the point. It allows the investment community to quickly understand how the quarter went. Here is a recent example.

Public Company Database

Tracking Activity

  • Firm and Investor Background Note Tracker

    One of the ways to differentiate yourself with the Street is to remember certain unique items about firms or investors you meet. For instance, certain aspects about a corporate office, names of kids, hobbies, etc. Use this simple tracker to document this. The little things make a difference.

  • Meeting Database

    This is a simple and effective excel-based CRM tool to log your investor meetings. Allows for ease of seeing trends and reviewing history to prepare for conferences and future meetings.

  • Buy-Side Database

    This simple, but effective, CRM tool can group all of your Buy-Side connections.

  • Meeting Tracker Template

    Use this Meeting Tracker Template to document your calls and interactions before downloading into your CRM tool.

  • Top Holders Schedule Template

    Always know who your major holders (insiders and institutions) are. This one-page schedule template makes it easy to manage.

  • Top Holders Contact Info Template

    We believe you should have the contact info for your top 25 holders at your fingertips at all times, particularly if you are a CFO or IRO. This template provides this on one page.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Elevator Pitches

    Every once in awhile, you come across something on the internet that is from the past but has strong relevance. This is one example. Here is a write-up on a podcast about Elevator Pitches from “Under the Influence by Terry O’Reilly”. There is significant relevance to today’s IR. Enjoy.

  • Tricks for CEO’s and CFO’s With Investor Calls

    Generally, investor calls are booked for 30 or 60 minutes. This can be a significant time investment for a management team. Here is a trick to help CEO’s limit their participation to 20 minutes. The same can be done for the CFO is the IRO is participating on the call.

  • What Happens if the CEO or CFO want to Cancel an Event?

    Hopefully it is rare, but you may be faced with a fire-drill of a CEO or CFO who wants to cancel his or her participation in an investor event after they have committed. There are some things to consider to handle this situation. Here are some tips.

  • IR Resource Guide Example

    The IR Resource Guide is a tool that can be shared throughout your organization for anyone who will meet with investors to keep consistency with the story. This is perfect for store general managers, DC/Plant management, etc.

  • Tricks, Hints and Commandments

    Here are 33 tricks, hints and commandments to IR Excellence. You can differentiate your IR program by adopting some or all.