IRB 150 – IR Team Roster

It is amazing how many different titles, roles and players exist on an IR team.   However, if you stack up the public rosters for 150 companies, you do see some consistencies.  Take a look here to see how you stack up against other companies.

NOTE:  The information included in this document reflects only that which is listed on an IR website or within an earnings release.  There are many of these companies who have extended teams beyond the VP, but they do not reflect this on their IR website.

We highly recommend companies who have invested in a team to take credit for it on the IR website within the Contact Us section.  By merely listing the names and roles for all players on the IR team, you can give the Street confidence that you are vested in driving stock performance.  Plus, its a nice way to recognize the unsung heroes who do a lot of the heavy lifting.

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