Topic IRB 150/IRB 25

  • IRB 150 – Board Committees

    Here is an analysis of board committees for the IRB 150.  This can be helpful as you partner with your General Counsel and determine the optimal number of board committees. In addition, it also reflect the naming convenition for companies.  For instance, do companies say “Governance” or “Nominating and Governance” more prevalently”?

  • IRB 150 – Earnings (Press Release and Earnings Call)

    We are often asked about how much time there should be between the press release and the earnings call. Here are some stats on what the average time is, how often earnings calls are done the next day, and how often no earnings calls are done.

  • IRB 150 – Request Paper Copies

    We thought making a request for paper materials from the IRB 150 would be a simple, straightforward project. As it turns out, companies on a whole are slow to react to this request. Granted, it is a request that is made less and less, but we know that all types of investors ask for paper materials on occasion. Here is some enlightening information for you to consider.

  • IRB 150 – Transfer Agent

    Here are 150 companies and who they use for transfer agent. You can see who they use and how they disclose. There are some interesting trends.

  • IRB 150 – Primary Stock Exchange

    There is a definite trend in primary stock exchange when compared to market cap. Here are the primary exchanges for the IRB 150.

  • IRB 150 – Investor Contact

    One of the easiest ways to send a strong first impression to your Wall Street Community is to make it easy to start conversations. Although every company in the IRB 150 has a means to contact IR, it is surprising how varied the means are. This benchmark analysis provides the stats of how companies provide investor contact information.

  • IRB 150 – IR Team Roster

    It is amazing how many different titles, roles and players exist on an IR team. However, if you stack up the public rosters for 150 companies, you do see some consistencies. Take a look here to see how you stack up against other companies.

  • IRB 150 – Wire Service for Press Releases

    There are some definite trends as it relates to the Wire Service used to issue press releases. Here, we look at the latest earnings release for the IRB 150 companies. Check out who uses which wire service. In addition, you can see which companies do not include disclosure of the wire service on their internal release posted on their IR website.

  • IRB 150 – Social Media Platform

    Here is a detailed analysis of what 150 companies do within their IR website to highlight their social media platform. You can compare what your company does for social media to these.

  • IRB 150 – ISS Quick Score

    ISS does independent detailed reviews of companies as it relates to corporate governance. Using the IRB 150, here are the ISS QuickScores. How does your company stack up?