Topic Overall Earnings Release

  • Press Release – Earnings and Founder’s Letter

    We are a sucker for transparent communications in plain English.  Here is a great example of an earnings release which uses a Founder letter instead of a CEO quote.  Great stuff here.

  • Change in Earnings Release Date – Ex Press Release

    Here is an example press release announcing a change in the date of the earnings date.

  • Earnings Pre-Release – Great Example

    If you were ever going to issue a pre-release of earnings, here is a great example. Although the stock got hammered, the transparency and strategic plan is clearly evident in this example. As performance gains traction, the rebound can be swift. Nicely done.

  • No Longer Holding Conference Calls – Earnings Release

    In the event you choose to discontinue holding conference calls in conjunction with your earnings release, here is a short and sweet way to remind the Street of this choice.

  • Earnings Release – Best Management Quotes

    We have been doing this for a long time and this press release definitely captured our attention. By far, the best management quotes we have seen in a press release. This is certainly an example of doing it your way. Nice work.

  • Guidance Policy (included in press release)

    Here is an example of a Guidance Policy included in your press release. This can help remind the Street about what you do or do not do in regards to Guidance.

  • Change in Accounting Principle – Release

    Here is not only a great example of a detailed and comprehensive earnings release, but one that touches upon a Change in Accounting Principle and Recasting of prior year earnings. It is a great example of hitting it head on and giving a complete perspective.

  • Comprehensive Press Release – Ex

    This example of press release may be the most comprehensive we have seen and the best use of graphics. A nice touch to delivering financial information with some flare.

  • Overall Earnings Release Checklist

    The entire Earnings Release process is a blur. Use this checklist to make sure you are covered with all aspects of your earnings release.

  • WSM – Great Example of Earnings Release

    Williams-Sonoma does a great job with its Earnings Release. Well organized. Concise. To the point. It allows the investment community to quickly understand how the quarter went. Here is a recent example.