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Investor Day

  • Press Release – Change of Date Investor Day

    Sometimes you just have to change the date. Here is an example press release for notifying the investor community about a change of date for your Investor Day.

  • Special Investor Call

    Recently a company had a new CEO who wanted to communicate the new strategy in detail.  The Company scheduled a special conference call with the investor community on 6/27/18.  This was very efficient and cost-effective way to get the new (or not-so-new) tenants of the new CEO’s strategy communicated to the Street.

  • Press Release – Prior to Investor Day (Morning of)

    This is a great example of a press release issued the morning of an afternoon Investor Day. It provides a good overview of the day and discloses outlook information.

  • Analyst Day Presentation – Example

    Here is an example of how a mega-cap company tells its story at its annual analyst/investor day.

  • Investor Day Deck – Great Example

    Here is a great example of Investor Day execution from a presentation perspective. There were 11 agenda items and each had an approximately 20 slide deck. This allows the presented to stay on point and to keep the meeting moving.

  • Investor Day Materials – Example

    Here are the very detailed presentations for an Investor Day. Included are the CEO, COO, CFO and the transcript. 300+ pages of insight. That is delivering the next level of detail.

  • Investor Day Presentation – Photo Use

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. This may be the best use of photos in an investor day presentation. And note the minimal use of words and bullets. Impressive.

  • Investor Day Presentation Update Guidance Disclaimer

    Here is a great example of something simple you can do on your Investor Day Presentation when the guidance information goes stale. Simply put an updated disclaimer on the title page.

  • Executing an Investor/Analyst Day

    Investor/Analyst Days are a great way to showcase your investment thesis and business strategy. Avoid the pitfalls and make your Investor/Analyst Day a huge value add for everyone who attends using these tips and suggestions.

Non-Deal Road Shows

  • Insight into Marketing in Europe

    A nice piece by Atlantic Equities about marketing in Europe.  A good read.

  • Road Show Report

    IR Magazine did a nice research report on roadshows.  Some good info here.  We are strong supporters of doing road shows to engage investors.  Good stuff.

  • Press Release for NDR

    We are not sure why more companies do not issue press releases on NDR’s. Your investor base loves to see you out there marketing as it is generally considered a good sign. Here is a nice example of a press release for when you go on a NDR. Short and sweet.

  • Tips for Great NDR’s – Europe

    If you have a presence in Europe, a product/service that would work there, or a story that would resonate in Europe, an annual or every-two-years Non-Deal Road Show (NDR’s) to Europe can be very effective. Here are some tips to make sure they are optimal for you.

  • Tips on Great Non-Deal Road Shows (NDR’s)

    Non-Deal Road Shows (NDR’s) are a great use of time to really give a personal touch to your investor outreach. Here are some tips to make sure they are optimal for you.

Overall Plan

  • NYC Hotels

    Looking for a good hotel in NYC. Here is a listing that groups them into several categories:

  • Geography – Targets

    Use this tool to assess your target cities to hit for NDR’s, conferences, and other investor events.

  • Master Calendar

    Use this one-page template to develop your annual marketing plan.  Custom the color schemes to match up with your reporting periods and quiet periods.

  • Cost Per Investor Analysis

    This tool will help you determine if you are getting a bang for the buck on your marketing efforts.  Evaluate which conferences and NDR’s are the best value.