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  • Company Press Release Regarding Carl Icahn

    A direct response to activist Carl Icahn’s intent to nominate 2 directors.  Stay on offense.

  • Activist Overview – 2019

    Here is a fantastic activist overview presentation from Moelis.  Some great info here.

  • Activist Letter and Company Response – Example

    Here is an example of a letter/press release from an activist (first 18 pages) and the company response (3 pages).  

  • Activist Open Letter to Shareholders

    Here is an example of an open letter from an activist investor group to shareholders of a company.  Take a look at some of the stats and how they are used against the company.  Could this be done to you?

  • Yahoo! Finance Corrections

    As you may have experienced, it is very challenging to figure out how to notify Yahoo! of errors within Yahoo! Finance. However, most of the information and data is fed to Yahoo! from CapitalIQ. Here is how to contact CapitalIQ to get corrections made to your Yahoo! Finance page.

  • Correcting and Restating Press Releases – Ex

    Here is an example of a Corrected and Restated Press Release where the original press release was issued at 7:00am and a corrected press release was issued at 9:04am. You can easily identify what changed at the beginning (see highlighted items).