Topic Cool Reports & Schedules

  • Monthly/Quarterly IR Update

    This is a nice monthly/quarterly IR Update that is a mix of Presentation, Overview deck, Earnings Release, and Quarterly Update.

  • Use of Video

    We are seeing more and more examples of companies using videos to tell parts of the story. Here are some of our thoughts on use of Video and some great examples.

  • Supplement – Fincl and Operational Data

    Here is a nice supplement report for your financial and operational results. It is a great resource for your investor base to be able to get up to speed or more historical information.

  • Investor Briefing – Example

    Here is a great book you can include as part of your quarterly earnings process. It certainly expedites how to get someone up to speed with the story.

  • Business Continuity for Disaster Recovery

    Here is a nice write-up on a company’s business continuity plans and disaster recovery initiatives.

  • Global Footprint – Stores

    For those retailers who have stores internationally, here is a nice data dump to show your footprint and future opportunity. Includes info on where the company can currently ship to. A great example.

  • Financial Model Example

    This is a good example of a short and sweet deck that lays out the financial model for the Street. It includes a page on long-term targets, which we love. When a management team is willing to put their long-term targets in print, that is a great sign of confidence.

  • Investor Reference Book Example

    This is another comprehensive example of a report you can provide to the Street which provides significant background about your company. At 82 pages, it is a wealth of information. It sets the tone about transparency and information sharing.

  • Growth Strategy Game Plan

    Here is a nice 2 page pdf which can lay out your growth strategy. Very transparent and very easy to understand where your company is headed.

  • Databook

    This is an unbelievable example of a Databook that can be prepared to give an excellent overview of your company. It is packed with a crazy amount of information. You will get rave reviews from your investor base on this one.