Topic Social Responsibility & Sustainability

  • BlackRock Stewardship Priorities – 2021

    This is a great resource to help you with ESG-related priorities.  ESG, governance and stewardship are very important to BlackRock (aka the largest investment insitution in the world).  Take notice.

  • ISS – Improve your QualityScore

    Here is a ISS report on how to review and improve your ISS QualityScore.

  • ESG – Sustainability Report – Great Example

    Here is a great example of a comprehensive ESG and Sustainability Report.  It provides a nice mix of substance and comprehensiveness.

  • HBR – Women in the C-Suite

    Not that it should be needed, but all signs and evidence supports that having balance between race and gender with the C-Suite and BOD results in better performance for a company.  Here is a nice write-up from HBR on women in the C-Suite.

  • Johns Hopkins Diversity Wheel

    This is a great tool to assess how comprehensive your company is in developing a diverse and inclusive culture.  It hits on 16 key elements of diversity.  

  • Gender and Diversity Aspirational Targets – Press Release Example

    It is one thing to say something, its another to put it in writing.  Here is a nice example of communicating gender and diversity aspirational targets to the Street.

  • Linking Comp to Diversity – Example

    In October 2020, SBUX released information that it planned to put forth significant efforts in improving its employee diversity.  Included in the attached pdf are the company post on its website and an open letter from the SBUX CEO about this initiative.  Good stuff.

  • 10 Actions for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

    Here is a good list of 10 actions to improve diversity, inclusion and equity at a company.  It came in the form of a press release.  Nice work on a current hot topic.

  • Good Example of ESG Report

    Here is a nice example of a comprehensive ESG report.  Good work here.

  • ISS ESG and EVA Information

    Here is a nice report issued by ISS on ESG and EVA.  The topic of ESG is here and will only grow.  Slowly but surely.