Topic Investor Day

  • Press Release – Change of Date Investor Day

    Sometimes you just have to change the date. Here is an example press release for notifying the investor community about a change of date for your Investor Day.

  • Special Investor Call

    Recently a company had a new CEO who wanted to communicate the new strategy in detail.  The Company scheduled a special conference call with the investor community on 6/27/18.  This was very efficient and cost-effective way to get the new (or not-so-new) tenants of the new CEO’s strategy communicated to the Street.

  • Press Release – Prior to Investor Day (Morning of)

    This is a great example of a press release issued the morning of an afternoon Investor Day. It provides a good overview of the day and discloses outlook information.

  • Analyst Day Presentation – Example

    Here is an example of how a mega-cap company tells its story at its annual analyst/investor day.

  • Investor Day Deck – Great Example

    Here is a great example of Investor Day execution from a presentation perspective. There were 11 agenda items and each had an approximately 20 slide deck. This allows the presented to stay on point and to keep the meeting moving.

  • Investor Day Materials – Example

    Here are the very detailed presentations for an Investor Day. Included are the CEO, COO, CFO and the transcript. 300+ pages of insight. That is delivering the next level of detail.

  • Investor Day Presentation – Photo Use

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. This may be the best use of photos in an investor day presentation. And note the minimal use of words and bullets. Impressive.

  • Investor Day Presentation Update Guidance Disclaimer

    Here is a great example of something simple you can do on your Investor Day Presentation when the guidance information goes stale. Simply put an updated disclaimer on the title page.

  • Executing an Investor/Analyst Day

    Investor/Analyst Days are a great way to showcase your investment thesis and business strategy. Avoid the pitfalls and make your Investor/Analyst Day a huge value add for everyone who attends using these tips and suggestions.