Stock Tracker

Here is a great tool to give you all of the historical data on your stock at your fingertips – quarterly summary of key stock stats (pricing, volume and PE Ratio).  Although much of this is available through free or fee-based products, a comprehensive look is hard to find.  This gives you everything you need by quarter since your IPO.

TAB – Data – this is what drives everything in this workbook.

  1. Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Adj. Close – can all be downloaded from yahoo! finance or via paid-for data (i.e. Bloomberg).
  2. Event/News – include a quick reference to anything that may have driven the stock on a given day.  Try to take notes often as it is hard to remember news and information more than 4 weeks out.
    1. Common examples =
      1. IPO or Secondary
      2. Earnings Release
      3. Press Release – News Announcement
      4. Industry News
      5. 8-K Filing
      6. Investor Conference
      7. NDR or Other Marketing event
      8. Change in management
      9. Product release
      10. Litigation
      11. World events or total market events
  3. TTM EPS and Forward-Looking EPS = plug-in the appropriate quarterly EPS info to be able to track your P/E over time.
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