Sr. Management Update Powerpoint

This is an example of a Quarterly Sr. Management Update powerpoint presentation.  You can provide strong credibility to your IR program by having quarterly meetings with the senior management team (the next 20-30 executives after the C-Suite and Executive Officers).  This will provide a comprehensive update of IR initiatives for your stock and be consistent with what you would provide to the Board of Directors.  Included are:

  1. Executive State of the State
  2. Executive Update
  3. Quarterly Review of Key Trading Statistics
  4. Your ticker vs. Public Peer Group
  5. Sell-Side Analyst Coverage Update
  6. Top Shareholder Activity
  7. Shareholder Profiles (5+% Holders)
  8. Investor Outreach
  9. Current Key Stats of Your Stock
  10. Key Investor Discussion Topics Matrix
  11. Recent IR/SEC News/Alerts
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