Topic Quarterly Reports

  • IR Scorecard

    This is a one-page Scorecard to measure key IR and stock stats on a rolling 8 to 12 quarter basis. This will provide the quantitative metrics about your IR performance.

  • Short Interest Tracker

    Tracking your short interest is important as the short thesis is just as important to understand as the long thesis. Since most service providers only maintain a defined time period of short interest, maintaining your own tracker can allow for longer history to be maintained.

  • Holder Rollforward

    One of the best exercises you can go through each quarter is to review your 13F/D/G filings and update your holder rollforward. Here is a template that makes this easy.

  • Current Holder Listing – Detail

    Track your current holders and key details, such as position (shares and $$), change from prior quarter and source information.

  • Sr. Management Update Powerpoint

    This is an example of a Quarterly Sr. Management Update powerpoint presentation. You can provide strong credibility to your IR program by having quarterly meetings with the senior management team (the next 20-30 executives after the C-Suite and Executive Officers).

  • Quarterly Financial Summary

    This is a great tool to have all of your disclosed quarterly financial data available at your fingertips. Plus, you can score big points with your wall street community by providing this on the IR section of your website.

  • Top Holders Schedule Template

    Always know who your major holders (insiders and institutions) are. This one-page schedule template makes it easy to manage.

  • Repurchase Activity Rollforward

    Use this template to track your historical repurchase activity. This is a great way to show your repurchase activity over a period of time. This template includes a summary overview tab and details by month and by plan.

  • IR Flash Report

    Deliver comprehensive stock information to internal stakeholders on key stock activity. This is a nice, concise quarterly report to share with senior management.

  • BOD IR Update Powerpoint

    This is an example of a Quarterly IR Update powerpoint presentation to be delivered to the Board of Directors.