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  • Glass Lewis CyberSecurity Solutions Info

    Glass Lewis recently expanded its solutions offering to help with the threat of cybersecurity. Here is some information on it.

  • Do You Really Use Your Fax Machine?

    Do you still use a fax?  If so, great.  If not, check out your IR website and Auto-Signature to make sure you don’t look out of touch.  

  • Mayo Executive Health Program

    Here is information on the Mayo Executive Health Program.  The Program is individualized so the estimated cost is ranges ~$4,500 to ~$11,500.  Could be more or less depending on your current health and medical needs.  But, it is certainly a nice benefit to share with your HR team.  Best is to get as many executives into the program.

  • Ernst & Young – E & Y Library

    The public accounting firm of Ernst & Young has a nice library of information and resources on their website. Here is a short overview of what is included and where to go to find it.

  • NACD – National Association of Corporate Directors

    The National Association of Corporate Directors is the recognized authority on leading boardroom practices. The NACD operates is a membership-based non-profit industry association that helps deliver board excellence. Here is an overview of the Association.

  • Consultant/Firm RFP Considerations

    From time to time you may want to execute a RFP process for a new consultant or firm. Here are some considerations to optimize your responses and decision-making.

  • Rogers Diffusion of Innovation Graph

    This is a cool chart that shows Rogers Diffusion of Innovation Graph. Specifically, it shows the life cycle of a product from Innovators to Early Adopters to Majority and Laggards. This can help you tell the story of where your products are and potentially how much growth is left.