Topic IR Website

  • IR Website – Periodically Review Press Release Section

    Don’t assume your press release portal is always 100% accurate.  We often see press releases listed multiple times, links that do not work, drafts inadvertently posted, and other weird stuff.  Here is an example of a press release which was posted in non-English.  Periodic reviews can help prevent errors like this.

  • Market Makers – IR Website

    We came across a company who lists their market makers on their IR website.  We liked it.  Here is a print screen.

  • Financial Performance Matrix – IR Website

    Here is a nice matrix which shows a variety of financial ratios and returns.  Easy to see trends and power.  Nice work here.

  • Highlight Important News on IR Website

    Here is a great example to make it very easy for stakeholders to know important news.  This is a print screen from 7/1, from news on 6/28.  You can’t miss this.  Great transparency.

  • Document List – Acquisition – IR Website

    Here is a great example of grouping all of the applicable documents for a specific acquisition all in one place. This makes it extremely easy for the Street to get up to speed.

  • ESG Information – IR Website

    This is a great example of commitment to social responsibility. From the IR home page, “ESG Information” is one of 8 categories of information to choose from. An easy way to see how the company is investing in social responsibility and sustainability.

  • Upcoming Events listing – IR Website – Example

    One of the easiest ways to prove consistency and strong financial controls is to include the next 4 quarter earnings release dates as Upcoming Events. If you are a solid company, you have a regular cadence. Take credit for it. Here is an example of all that needs to be done to keep the Street aware of what is coming up.

  • Ex – Online Investor Kit – IR Website

    Here is a nice online investor kit that brings together many common documents for the ease of your investors and analysts. We also include some recommended adds to make it even more comprehensive.

  • Company 101 – IR Website

    Here is a great example of providing an overview of your company to the Street. Using a quick link on the IR home page, this company steers users to its Company 101. This includes an overview then links to CEO and CFO videos on a variety of topics moderated by the IRO.

  • Business Combination – IR Website – Disclaimer

    When you are entering a material business combination, it may be helpful to post various deal materials on your IR website to add to the transparency to your investors. Here is a very detailed and thorough disclaimer people need to check before entering this Company’s IR website section devoted to a material transaction.