Topic IR Vendors

  • BUYINS.NET and Wealthmakers

    If you are a microcap, small cap or mid cap, you may have received an inquiry from BUYINS.NET. Here is the scoop of who they are and what they can do for your short position.

  • Compensation Consultants

    Included here is a contact listing of the most prominent executive compensation consultant firms that serve the Board of Directors and Management Teams of public companies on the Street. Included are The Big Two (2), Big Bulge HR Consulting Firms (4), Other Independent Firms (11), and firms that help management teams only (2).

  • Proxy Advisors and Solicitors

    Included here is a contact listing of the most prevalent proxy advisors firms and solicitors on the Street. Includes Independent Firms (2), The Big Four (4) and the other firms (8).

  • IR Consulting Firms

    Do you need an extra set of eyes on your IR Program tools? Do you need support from experienced professionals? Here is the contact information for 42 IR Firms and 18 PR Firms with a heavy IR division.