Topic IR Presentation

  • Investor Presentation – Great Use of FAQ’s

    This is a great use of a FAQ section.  See slides 17-38.  Much better than “where are you headquartered”, “who is your transfer agent”, etc.  Excellent work here. 

  • Investor Presentation – M & A Slide

    This is one of the best IR presentation slides we have ever seen.  You very quickly can see when and size relative to other deals.  This is awesome.

  • Using Operations Presentations with Investors

    Can you/should you allow an operations executive to use his or her presentation when meeting investors? Or, should you force them to use the standard IR presentation. Here are our thoughts.

  • Strategy Slides

    Here is a nice deck that lays out an overview of a company’s strategy.

  • Year In Review – Report Example

    This is a cool and comprehensive review of the year. It helps investors have a snapshot of what was accomplished. A nice touch.

  • Investor Presentation – Great Example

    This is one of the better investor presentations we have come across. Although slightly longer than we would typically recommend, it has many good slides and great transparency.

  • Long-Term Vision One-Pager – Example

    Here is a good example of a one-pager which shows where a company is headed over the next 4-5 years.

  • Quarterly Earnings Presentation – Example

    Here is a nice example of a quarterly earnings presentation to complement your earnings call. Just give them the facts.

  • Slides for Quarterly Call – Example

    Here is a good example of slides to accompany your quarterly call. No flash and its not pretty. Just the facts. Clean and informative without any sizzle (other than the company’s results!).

  • Investor Presentation – Great Example

    We love this as a comprehensive IR Update Presentation. Lots of good information which makes it easy for the Street to know the current state of the state. Nice work here.