Topic Fact Sheet

  • Value Line – White Paper Summary with Examples

    Value Line is one of the original founding fathers of independent research. Famous for their one page fact sheets, they put an enormous amount of data at your fingertips. Here is a summary white paper and 2 recent report examples (Nike and Home Depot).

  • IR Summary and Fact Sheet – Example

    Here is a nice example of a Fact Sheet that includes several key IR aspects (i.e. sell-side listing, IR contact information, Market Data, Investment Features and Recent Developments. This is a perfect example of making the buy-side or sell-side job easier, particularly when just getting up to speed.

  • Fact Sheet – Company At A Glance One Pager – Example

    Love this one page snapshot of what a Fortune 100 company does. Pretty impressive they can get it down to one page.

  • Fact Sheet – Good overall summary (but stale)

    This is a nice overall summary of a company, but we would like to see if more up to date. We grabbed this on 5/12/16 and noted the FY2013 financial info on the Fact Sheet. Would like to see 2014 or 2015. But, this does not take away from a great way to understand what the company does.

  • Fact Sheet – Company Products – Example

    Here is an example Fact Sheet which is devoted to a company’s product suite. It provides great detail and is an excellent summary of key products.

  • World Fact Sheet – Example

    Here is an enhanced Fact Sheet that refers to recent annual financials, sustainability and other key background items about the company. Comprehensive, yet efficient.

  • Fact Book – Example

    This is taking the Fact Sheet to a whole new level. How about a 72 page Fact Book. This includes virtually anything needed to get up to speed with the company. Wow! A ton of information.

  • Quarterly IR Summary Fact Sheet Example

    This is one of our favorite Fact Sheets. Great mix of charts, graphics and details. Updated quarterly. Nice bios with photos. This is a very useful tool when getting up to speed with your company.

  • Fact Sheet – Company with a Regional Focus

    This company fact sheet gives a good overview of a company with a regional focus. Good balance of details with summary information.

  • Fact Sheet – Minimum Information

    Here is a Fact Sheet that is useful and complete, but is on the minimum side of the information range.