Topic Policies

  • Pre-Release Policy

    One of the most grey areas of IR, is if you should pre-release. But, it does not have to be that way. We recommend you align the CEO, CFO and Board on a defined policy for pre-releasing earnings. Here are some thoughts in that regard.

  • Quiet Period Policy

    There are 3 different levels of Quiet Period. Here is a short white paper which lays them out and provides our recommendation.

  • Disclosure Practices and Policies – Ex

    This is a nice summary of disclosure practices and policies which can be used on your IR website.

  • How Much Time Should the C-Suite Spend on IR?

    There is a strong balance between having a C-Suite out there too much (and investors wondering who is running the company) and being out there too little (and investors not being able to get answers or comfort). Here are some thoughts on how to optimize the C-Suite in terms of investor interaction.