Topic To Sell-Side

  • 10-K Highlights Communication

    Imagine you are a sell-sider and you have 18 companies in your coverage universe. To review 18 annual reports would be incredibly time consuming. You can score huge points with a nice email summary of highlights (i.e. new items, items taken out, subsequent events, etc.). Here is an example.

  • Example Info Request for Feedback of Sell-Side

    The sell-side, like the buy-side, always has an opinion and loves to give you ideas and thoughts. The best IR teams use this to their advantage. At times, it is important to solicit feedback from the sell-side as you are making decisions on your IR approach. Here is an example email you can send to garner that feedback.

  • Example Holiday Greeting to Sell-Side

    The Holidays are a great reason to connect with your top investors. Here is an example of a quick email you can send as a warm greeting and a nice way to end the calendar year.