Topic To Buy-Side

  • Thank You – Conference or NDR

    Here is an example of a thank you letter you can send after meeting with an investor at a Conference, NDR, or other event.  It is simple and easy and is a great way to keep your stock top of mind with an investor.  It will exceed their expectations.

  • Quarterly Investor Newsletter – Example

    This is an easy way to communicate in mass to your investor base.  Stay short and sweet and provide key information and highlights.  Remember, the audience will only spend a few minutes on something like this.

  • Nice Reminder – Transcript is Available (if you missed it) – Email

    This was a nice email to receive as a head’s up in case the earnings call was missed.  A great value-add by the IR Dept. which takes virtually no time.  

  • Investor Newsletter

    Regular contact with your investor base is critical to building great relations. You may think something is immaterial, but it may be important to someone else. Here is an example of a formal investor newsletter which can be issued whenever you want to give a head’s up on something.

  • Example – Transition to Electronic from Paper Communication

    Companies continue to transition to electronic and internet access of their proxy materials. Here is an example correspondence to shareholders discussing this transition and explaining how individuals can opt-out of paper materials. This was sent directly to shareholders.

  • 10-K Highlights Communication to Buy-Side

    Imagine you are on the buy-side and you have 18 companies in your portfolio. To review 18 annual reports would be incredibly time consuming. You can score huge points with a nice email summary of highlights (i.e. new items, items taken out, subsequent events, etc.). Here is an example.

  • Example Info Request for Feedback from the Buy-Side

    The buy-side always has an opinion and loves to give you ideas and thoughts. The best IR teams use this to their advantage. At times, it is important to solicit feedback from the buy-side as you are making decisions on your IR approach. Here is an example email you can send to garner that feedback.

  • Example Holiday Greeting to Buy-Side

    The Holidays are a great reason to connect with your top investors. Here is an example of a quick email you can send as a warm greeting and a nice way to end the calendar year.