Topic Corporate Governance

  • ISS Report – Using EVA in Pay-for-Performance

    Here is a nice report on the unending challenge to drive pay-for-performance from ISS.

  • Privacy Policy Statement

    We liked how Strava updated its privacy policy statement.  This one certainly spoke to the masses.

  • The Ultimate Corp Governance Checklist

    We have noticed most companies do a great job of listing the attributes of corporate governance they adhere to, but none talk about the things they do not follow.  Here is the ultimate corporate governance checklist that includes a comprehensive list of features.

  • CEO Consortium Letter – Common Sense Governance Principles

    In April 2017, JP Morgan included a one-page listing/letter in its annual report. It was a letter signed by 13 top executives of companies, banks and investment firms.

  • Director Compensation Update

    Here is a recent update from Cap Partners on Director Compensation information. Although circa 2014-2015, is still gives good summary information relevant in 2016.

  • Beneficial Ownership Table Examples

    One of the areas of the proxy statement which can be improved for most companies is the beneficial ownership table. Most companies take the disclosure requirements literally and simply lump all directors, officers and 5% holders into a list. Most of the time they are listed alphabetically. Consider using subtotals to help tell your story. Here are 3 examples.

  • Beneficial Shareholder vs. Holder of Record

    Here is a quick summary of the difference between a Beneficial Shareholder and a Holder of Record.

  • Voting Results Classificiation

    Here are the short definitions of the most common voting results types, including Plurality, Majority, Supermajority and Unanimous.

  • Political Contributions Web Disclosure Example

    Companies who disclose information about their political contributions generally do so in a concise report or directly via their website. Here is an example of a company who had a section of their website devoted to political contributions.