Insider Rollforward

Use this tool to track your historical insider ownership. This is particularly valuable when you have strong insider buying and ownership.  One tab shows annual balances.  The other tab gives the detail on how the current position was built (i.e. open market sales, stock grants, 10(b)(5) sales, etc.).

The Insider Rollforward can be one of your most powerful tools if there is strong insider ownership.  In particular, if there are good examples of insider open market purchases of stock.  This document can be used to prove and highlight insider ownership movement.


  1. Use the Section 16 schedule (in Qtrly Reports/SEC Filings) for the database
  2. This is a great place to track all Section 16 filiers for the history of your company.  You can see towards the bottom for a listing of folks who no longer are subjected to SEC Section 16 filing requirements, most likely because they left the company or retired.  This is also nice information to have handy.
  3. Do a quick proof to ensure the year-to-year rollforward totals match the detailed summary totals.  Both are helpful information.
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