Company Milestones and Key Events

As you know, time flies when working the Wall Street beat.  Accordingly, if you want to be efficient, it is very important to constantly track major milestones and news events for your company.  Use this template to do this.

This helps prevent you racking your brain trying to remember what happened a mere 2 years ago.  Or, 2 quarters ago for that matter.

Ideally once per month, just document major news and milestones of your company into this matrix.  Feel free to delete any years which are not applicable.  This can include:

  1. World Events
  2. Key product launches/store openings/etc.
  3. Change in leadership
  4. Change in HQ
  5. Major financial benchmark (i.e. revenue goal, net income goal, etc.)
  6. Any major driver of stock performance
  7. IPO/Secondary/etc.
  8. Anything that is cool or noteworthy
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