Historical Financial Summary

This is a great tool to have all of your disclosed financial data available at your fingertips.  Plus, you can score big points with your wall street community by providing this on the IR section of your website.  In the spirit of “build your model efficiently”, giving this to your investors and analysts is awesome.

Although there are several third-party databases, investors have significantly more confidence in data which comes from the company.  And only you can custom make everything be as transparent as you would like.  Plus, you can provide historical updates for any line-items which are reclassed or adjusted.

Yes, a lot of this information is contained in your financial reporting system, however this allows you to customize and make it investor-friendly, including formatting and notes.  In addition, it gives you the opportunity to really understand the numbers and see variances.

Check out the “Notes” tab for hints and suggestions for this workbook.

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