Topic Management Prep

  • Tips for Video Calls

    Here is a nice reminder of some tips for optimizing video calls.  

  • HBR – How to Stop Using Fillers When Speaking

    Have you ever been listening to a speech or presentation and heard countless “you knows” or “umms”?  Is it coming from a member of your team or you?  These are called fillers and when too many are used, your message is at risk of being missed by your audience.  

  • Get Up To Speed – New Member of Sr. Management

    Periodically, you have a new member of senior management who will interact with your investor community.  Here is a short list of items to provide them to make sure they are prepared.

  • CFO Prep

    Although the CFO is generally more in check with the investor community as compared to the CEO, there is still an opportunity to prep. Here is a short checklist to optimally prep your CEO for investor interactions, whether they are conferences, NDR’s, or 1:1 conference calls.

  • Onboarding Checklist

    From time to time, you will need to get a new executive up to speed with the Company’s IR program and Street sentiment. Here is a checklist with 15 items which can do this.

  • CEO Prep

    Use this short checklist to optimally prepare your CEO for investor interactions.