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  • Elevator Pitches

    Every once in awhile, you come across something on the internet that is from the past but has strong relevance. This is one example. Here is a write-up on a podcast about Elevator Pitches from “Under the Influence by Terry O’Reilly”. There is significant relevance to today’s IR. Enjoy.

  • IR Summary and Fact Sheet – Example

    Here is a nice example of a Fact Sheet that includes several key IR aspects (i.e. sell-side listing, IR contact information, Market Data, Investment Features and Recent Developments. This is a perfect example of making the buy-side or sell-side job easier, particularly when just getting up to speed.

  • 90 Day IR Plan

    For those new to IR or if you are switching companies, here is a great starting point for a 90 day plan to fully set your IR strategy. This captures all of the key items you need.

  • Investor Day Materials – Example

    Here are the very detailed presentations for an Investor Day. Included are the CEO, COO, CFO and the transcript. 300+ pages of insight. That is delivering the next level of detail.

  • Executing an Investor/Analyst Day

    Investor/Analyst Days are a great way to showcase your investment thesis and business strategy. Avoid the pitfalls and make your Investor/Analyst Day a huge value add for everyone who attends using these tips and suggestions.

  • Tips for Participation in Investor Conferences

    One of the best ways to interact with the buy-side is at Investor Conferences. Here are some tips on optimizing your participation.

  • Executing the Perfect Earnings Call

    Executing Earnings Calls is crucial to your IR strategy. Here are some tips for executing the perfect earnings conference call.

  • IR Excellence

    This is perhaps the coolest resource within the IR Barn. It is a comprehensive look at what separates World Class IR from the Bare Minimum/Required. Use this one-pager to assess where you can enhance your current offering. Play offense. Always.

  • Investor Presentation Overview

    With this overview, avoid the common mistakes companies make with their Investor Presentation (i.e. too long, too much information on products rather than support for the investment thesis, etc.).

  • IR Website Features Matrix

    This matrix provides a comprehensive tool to enhance your IR website.

  • BOD IR Update Powerpoint

    This is an example of a Quarterly IR Update powerpoint presentation to be delivered to the Board of Directors.