Topic The Shorts

  • Naked Short Selling

    If you have a high short interest in your stock, there is a chance you have naked short selling taking place. Here is some background on what that means.

  • Listing of Short Shops

    Here is a listing of short shops. Note: this is a listing of independent research firms who feature short thesis reports. It does not include hedge funds which are short-biased.

  • SAC Capital Advisors Overview – Stephen Cohen

    Here is an overview of SAC Capital Advisors (1992-2016).

  • Short Shops Overview

    Short Shops can drive you crazy. They love to sling mud and create controversy. The good news is that if they are wrong, you should be in a position to quickly defend against whatever their thesis is. Since short shops thrive on market fear, a solid company will quickly diffuse this situation. Here are some key tips to dealing with short shops.