Topic IPO

  • What Happens if IPO Does Not Go As Planned – Ex Article

    Here is a good example of what happens when things don’t go well with an IPO.  Investors, usually small firms or individuals, will try to organize a class action based on info that was missed or should have been known.  Here is an example report/article which highlights one such example.

  • IPO Timing Considerations

    If you are contemplating an IPO, there are a number of things that need to get done. As much as we would like to have everything done systematically and in order, the reality of the IPO process is everything goes in waves. Here is our 12 month timeline which shows 4 buckets of tasks.

  • IPO Readiness Matrix

    Are you ready for your IPO. Here is a matrix of things to do to be ready to hit the ground running once your IPO is completed.

  • Pricing of IPO Press Release

    Here is a typical press release upon pricing of an IPO.